Direct Pro 2k Acrylic High Gloss



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SELEMIX® Direct Pro 7-159 is a versatile, high solids 2-pack Acrylic PU finish that can be applied directly to a variety of substrates without need for a primer, giving a very efficient process. It has a high gloss finish with good colour and UV stability. Its good anti-corrosive properties make it suitable for the finishing and protection of machinery, agricultural and construction equipment, and many other industrial painting applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Produce more in less time at less cost
  • Deliver confidently goods, which are made to last also in the toughest operating conditions.
  • Improve the working conditions for your employees and reduce the environmental impact.
  • A baking temperature of only 50ºC paired with a shorter baking time, reduces your energy consumption heavily.
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