This cookie policy of PPG Refinish Distribution informs you about the use of cookies on our website (‘Website’) and how to manage this use.

We also recommend that you read the accompanying Privacy Statement and the Conditions of Use to get a full understanding of how the Website works.

What are cookies?

The term 'cookies' refers to small files sent by websites that is stored on your device by your browser.

When you visit the Website again using the same device – such as a computer, telephone or tablet – the information in this text file is consulted so that we can recognise you. This allows us to analyse our website for continuous improvement and increase your ease of use, for example by showing you relevant messages and making it easier to click through to different pages.

On the Website, we use functional cookies, analytical cookies, social media cookies and advertising cookies. These different types of cookies are described in more detail below:

- Functional cookies

Functional or necessary cookies ensure that our Website functions correctly. We also use these functional cookies to detect errors in the Website, which enables us to improve the Website even further. These cookies provide a secure environment and ensure, for example, that you do not lose your products in the shopping cart or that you can store your login data so that you do not have to enter it again and again. Through these cookies, the Website remembers, for example, your user name, as well as your chosen language and country.

- Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are important to us because they provide us with information about the use of the Website. These statistics give us insight into the number of visitors and the use of the Website. This enables us to respond to our customers' needs and thus improve ease of use. These cookies also allow us to recognise returning visitors and to adapt the Website accordingly. In concrete terms, this means that we can see how you entered the Website and when and for how long you are visiting or using the Website.

- Social media

Some pages of the Website contain applications that are connected to social media, such as Facebook. Social media make it easy for you to share things. These cookies are placed by social media websites themselves. These parties recognise your cookies when you want to share information from our page. Because this information ends up with third parties, you are advised to consult the privacy and cookie statements of these parties on a regular basis.

- Advertisement cookies

On the Website, you may encounter special offers and advertisements from ourselves or from third parties. You may also find our advertisements on third party websites. To keep these ads relevant, we track for instance which ads you have already seen, which ads you have clicked on and how often. By combining this information, we can identify your advertising interests and tailor our ads and those on our Website accordingly.

Storage period of cookies

'Session cookies' remain on your device only when you visit the Website. Other types of cookies also remain stored after your visit to the Website. The storage periods for these cookies differ, but they are never stored any longer than is necessary for the purpose for which they are placed.

Managing cookies

As a user of the Website, you have control over the authorisation, blocking or deletion of cookies. To do this, see 'Options', 'Settings', 'Tools' or similar settings of your browser. Please note that by deleting or blocking cookies, certain functions on the website may no longer be fully functional. It is also possible that after deleting cookies you will have to reset your preferences or log in again.

Depending on the browser you are using, more information can be found on the following websites:

- For Internet Explorer:

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- For Chrome:

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- For Opera:

More general information about cookies and about how to change your cookie settings can be found at

Third party cookies

Third parties who place cookies via the Website may use these cookies to collect information about your browsing activities on certain websites. One of the reasons for this is to display relevant online advertisements. There are several options to unsubscribe from cookies used for these purposes. More information on this can be found at

Overview of cookies

On the Website you will find a list of cookies that are placed on the Website by us and by third parties. Due to the non-static nature of the Internet and the external parties involved, this overview is a snapshot. It is therefore possible that not all current cookies or websites can be found directly in this overview or that some of the cookies that are displayed have already been modified or have expired. We strive to keep the overview as up to date as possible and invites you to send any questions or comments to:

Changes to the cookie policy

Changes to this cookie policy will be announced on this page and will take effect as soon as they are posted on this page.

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