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Here are some commonly asked questions.

Q. Can I use the 3M Mandrel with the Bodyline Griplock?
A. No, the Bodyline mandrel has a different fixing. The Bodyline Mandrel is easily identifiable as it has a robust metal locking mechanism compared to a plastic locking mechanism found on the 3M mandrel.

Q. What is the best way to prep a blend panel?
A. First the panel must be pre-cleaned. We recommended the use of the Bodyline Blend & Finish discs in conjunction with Bodyline Bodyshine - this ensures a good even key and guarantees the panel is clean to complete the adhesion process. Alternatively sand the panel using a P1000 Bodyline Film Disc alongside a Bodyline Weave Pad (grey) to help access the inaccessible areas. This will ensure a consistent even scratch pattern, remove any OEM orange peel & give a good surface condition ready for blend.

Q. What size sander orbit is best for prepping primer?
A. A 5mm or 3mm orbit will achieve the desired scratch pattern for primer application. A must for this process is good dust extraction.

Q. With modern day paint technologies, do I still need to use an etch primer?
A. Yes, the most important layer on a repair is the 2 pack etch primer. It will ensure the vehicle stays corrosion free for the lifetime of the vehicle, ultimately preventing any costly rework.